On 30th of March a webinar on technical and organizational aspects of remote cooperation (easy to use operating digital environments via which constitutive democratic political processes, i.e., plenary sessions, necessary for transparency of public representative bodies, are made possible, regardless of unpredictable factors (for instance, pandemics etc.), was organized within 4PDIH. A 4PDIH is Public Private People Partnership Digital Innovation Hub, designed within Carpe Digem, in collaboration with Association of Municipalities of Slovenia, with an aim to create awareness and provide services to grow digital competencies, share digital experience and case studies locally, regionally and internationally, and support the government to adapt regulation and open its data to enhance entrepreneurship.

In the webinar, led by assistant professor Boštjan Brezovnik from the Institute of Local Government of Maribor and researcher Jure Trilar from 4PDIH, as many as 90 representatives from Slovenian municipalities participated.

In the first part of the webinar, dr. Boštjan Brezovnik introduced the participants the legal bases and procedural rules for the implementation of meetings of municipal councils using remotely video-conferencing tools. The second part of the webinar was led by Jure Trilar, who presented and demonstrated the use of selected tools needed to create meetings and webinars. To ensure best possible outcome of the session, the presentation ended with publically accessible list of simple and achievable tools from different areas that can be of great help to municipalities and also for the rest of the public the work efficiently in digital environments.

The webinar was organized in cooperation with Association of Municipalities of Slovenia, National Council of Slovenia and Institute of Local Government of Maribor and it is accessible here.

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