When times are unusual, our actions and solutions need to follow suit. That’s how our team’s past Friday night activities could be best described: namely, we were the first testers of Divina Wine Hub’s virtual winetasting!

Divina Wine Hub Šmarje was launched as a part of LiveRur Project and the hub itself is primarily aimed at the young winemakers of Slovenian Istria. The three key learning potentials for learning have been identified within the hub’s priorities:

  1. Participation of young winemakers
  2. Identification and use of advanced ICT technologies in joint promotion, marketing and sale of the common and individual products – wines
  3. Economic efficiency and optimisation of business

Naturally, we were more than eager to participate within the second point: we received our wines with specific instructions, turned on our Zoom connections and let the wonderful hosts from Divina take charge! We learned not only about the wine, but also about the winemakers, their legacy and ambitions.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for finding new ways of getting in touch with potential customers, virtual wine tasting from Divina Wine Hub proves to be not only innovative, but also a lot of fun and, afterall, COVID-19 safe.

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