From 17 to 21 June 2024, the Robert Schuman Centre celebrated its 30th anniversary with a series of working sessions on the six topical research themes. Using a model pioneered by the European Consortium for Policy Research (ECPR), the sessions brought together a wide range of researchers from different institutions, schools of thought, methodological preferences, career stages and countries over five days of intense collaboration. The aim of the multi-day event was to address some of the most pertinent issues of our time, with the aim of publishing the findings jointly.

The working session From technology adoption to societal outcomes: Developing measures of the digital transformation, featured, among others, Nina Cvar, who presented the research paper, titled Inclusive Digital Transformation for All: Digital Transformation of Rural Areas and Preposition of a Smart Multidisciplinary Methodological Approach. This research was prepared by Nina Cvar, Simona Stojanova, Jure Trilar, Nataša Božić and Argene Superina, following a successful application to the event, just for this occasion.

The opening day of the event opened with a keynote speech by Adrienne Héritier, who provided a compelling analysis of the current dynamics of the European Union’s political system.

The first day’s working session, with the participation of Nina Cvar, examined the challenges of measuring digital transformation, while the second day of sessions dealt with a wide range of digitalization topics.

The final part of the multi-day event concluded with a presentation of the results and a final lecture by Luiza Bialasiewicz from the University of Amsterdam, who discussed the geographies of the European crisis.

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